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Diagnostic Service – MRI

The MRI at Welkinmedicare Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata is the ingenia 3t Wide-Bore system from Philips, one of the most advance MRI machines in the world today. Not only does it provide excellent image quality and latest imaging techniques, but it also comes with Philips’ unique in-bore audio-visual experience where patients can literally watch TV while their scan is going on.

New & Advanced Feature of the MRI

  • Comfor Tone Imaging : MRI imaging with greatly reduced sound- 80% reduction, within the same time with no loss in image quality.
  • MR neurolography & Functional Nerve Imaging : Get both anatomical and functional information about nerves and nerve plexuses.
  • Black Blood Imaging : Helps differentiate vesselumen from intra- luminal blood signal.
  • Focused Diffusion : Get extremely high-resolution focused diffusion image in prostate, brain, spinal cord.POV can go down to 200mm x 50mm.
  • 3D-ASL : Non-contrast brain perfusion imaging including automated calculation of colour of coded ASL maps.
  • MR Cartilage Asssessment : Provides an overview of relaxivity variation across the cartilage by providing the water content of cartilage.Useful for tracking treatment efficacy, extent of osteoarthritis etc.
  • Advance Breast MRI with Dedicated Breast Coil : Provides a detailed view of breast anatomy and lesion analysis.
  • Near-metal Soft Tissue & Bone Imaging : Scan areas around implants with minimal metal artefacts-useful for detecting post-implant infection, implant failure etc.
  • Advance Cardiac MRI : Non-invasive assessment of myocardial tissue characteristics-T2*, R2*, T2 & R2 mapping.

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