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Diagnostic Service – Colonoscopy

It is an endoscopy procedure to view the inner lining of large intestine (rectum and colon) with the help of a 4ft long, thickness of a finger, flexible tube with a camera and light at its end. If the patient has special medical conditions (pregnancy, diabetes, lung condition, heart condition, allergies to medication), he/she has to inform his/her doctor about this.

2 days before the test patient has to take 2 Dulcolax & 2 Festal-N tablets after dinner. On the previous day, 5 hours after lunch 1ltr solution of PEGLEG powder in water should be taken by patient within half an hour. He/she will pass stool for many times which is necessary for the clear view of the colon. Plenty of water or ORS should be taken to maintain the electrolyte balance on the previous day. Patient should take early liquid dinner on the previous day and keep fasting until the test is done. If the patient faces any problem due to PEGLEG powder consumption he/she immediately should contact a physician.